About Us

Hi! Our names are Andy and Lauren, and we are passionate about stories -- about YOUR story! Nothing feels more natural or inspiring to us as holding a camera and being able to use it as a tool to capture moments -- moments that are beautiful, significant, emotional, thought provoking, and that when woven together, tell a story. 


Why Weddings?

We both fell into wedding videography accidentally, but very quickly fell in love with it. ANV originally started as Andy’s personal business after he graduated with a degree in film in 2010. The first wedding we shot together was in 2014, and was intended to be a creative experiment more than anything else. We had originally been asked to film the ceremony and toasts, and that was it. We decided to take it a step further though and did a creative highlight of the whole day, from morning until late into the night and every carefully crafted detail in between. The whole day was positively magical, and we both got completely swept up in the emotions, the beauty, and the significance – even though we had only met the couple once before. We were hooked.

We love shooting weddings because we get to work with real couples. Weddings provide such a unique window into one of the most significant and intimate days of their lives. In our approach, we try not to come in with a specific agenda. We like to document the day as it unfolds naturally. It is our passion to create something authentic – something that captures the setting, the details, the emotions, and unique story of each couple so that they can relive the day again and again in the years to come.


Our Story

We both grew up in the heart of Colorado’s mountains and are glad to still call this beautiful state home. We originally met in high school through our school’s music program, and immediately struck up a friendship.  After a year or so, we began dating and spent many happy years adventuring and growing up together through life’s ups and downs. Our engagement happened rather unconventionally one snowy December night, in a blizzard on top of Loveland Pass (near Arapahoe Basin, where we had our first "date" --  typical Andy and Lauren shenanigans). We were married on a glorious summer day in 2010 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Our wedding day was one of the happiest days of our lives.

Currently we live in Denver, though we’re still adjusting to city life. When we’re not off filming weddings or working away in the editing room, we’re probably off on some new adventure, be it  hiking, skiing, road tripping or simply having a picnic somewhere and shooting a timelapse.